RST934 Beam Iridium Cable 15.0m(29.2ft)

$459.78 USD

RST934 Cable Kit The Times Microwave LMR-400 es una baja pérdida de trenzado de cable coaxial. Este 10 mm (3/8 pulgadas) de 50 ohmios de cable tiene un conductor externo trenzado y un conductor central de cobre sin cubrir. El escudo cobertura trenzada por ciento de lámina 100 y 88 por ciento evita la pérdida. Cable básico del kit:

  • Piece 1 of 2 pieces: 1 x 14m(45.9ft) LMR400 with TNC-Male to N-Female connectors.
  • Piece 2 of 2 Pieces: 1 x 1m(3.3ft) LMR240 with N-Male to TNC-Male connectors. SPECIFICATIONS
  • LMR400 Cable Dia Size: 10mm(0.4in)
  • LMR240 Cable Dia: 6.0mm(0.24in)
  • Connectors: LMR400 TNC-Male>N-Female, LMR240 N-Male>TNC-Male
  • Shield %100% Foil 88% Braided
  • Insulation: Polyethylene Foam PE Jacket
  • Approximate Weight: 3kg (LMR400: 0.068 lb/ft 0.10 kg/m)
  • Bend Radius Installation: 25.4 mm(1.0in)
  • Bend Radius Repeated: 101.6 mm(4.0in)
  • LMR400 Ideal Cable Length: 9-17.5 m(29-58 feet)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • VOP.: 85% Application and Benefits
  • Easy, user friendly installation cable routing.
  • The 1 meter fly lead can conveniently be used at antenna or terminal end
  • Made in Australia, Times Microwave Systems cable is the choice of Industry and premium quality.